Girls beyond the cultural tides

CriticaLink empowering the Surfer Girls of Bangladesh


CriticaLink, WSA winner 2015 in the category Health and Environment from Bangladesh, has created a network of volunteer First Responders who are connected and dispatched through location-based mobile technology; a first of its kind of in the developing world. With the goals of both saving lives and maintaining a quality of life and function that allows citizens to continue to work and be active participants in their home life and community, CriticaLink trains volunteer First Responders in life-saving emergency medical skills (bleeding control, splinting of fractures, triage, burn care, CPR, etc.) and uses an innovative, location-based mobile network to quickly dispatch the closest volunteers to the scene of an accident. So far, CriticaLink has trained 2500 First Aiders and treated 700 people in medical emergencies.


Last week, the team of CriticaLink, led by Co-Founder Rahat Hossain, has joined the exceptional project “Surfer Girls of Bangladesh” to empower the girls over a 2 days training:

  • First-Aid & CPR certification to encourage the girls to help save lives and work as life-guards
  • Self-Defense Workshop with the help of karate experts to empower the girls and keep them safe
  • Women's Health Workshop so the girls can stay healthy!

“These brave, beautiful girls inspire me beyond belief. So excited that CriticaLink got a chance to work with the next generation of international surf champions in Bangladesh. But more than being surf champions, these are girls who are unafraid to rise up against all challenges to follow their dreams, they are true heroes! These girls are braving the waves and challenging stereotypes to show the world that that no matter where you come from, you can follow your dreams.”