The World Summit Award will contribute also in 2017 to the WSIS Forum.


On June 12th, WSA will conduct an interactive workshop  under the title Impact on Society through Digital Innovation


With the digital age our world is becoming more and more connected. Data is the new oil, the fourth industrial revolution is in its starting point and people’s fear to lose their jobs to robots is growing.


On the contrary, the ongoing movement of using ICTs to drive development and empowerment, to reach new communities and to provide low threshold access to information,proves the potential of digital innovation to have a positive impact on society.
Young people prove that entrepreneurial and technical skills can be used to make our world more inclusive and educated and to tackle the UN SDGs.


The World Summit Award provides a platform for such start-ups, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments, private sector and academia to exchange best practice solutions in IT applications from all over the world.


Initiated in 2003 in the framework of UN WSIS, WSA since then is active in 178 UN member states. By the means of a global contest WSA identifies, promotes and connects digital applications with a local impact on society.


In this workshop, WSA presents not only inspiring and useful solutions developed by young entrepreneurs from all around the world, tackling the UN SDGs, but how a global initiative like the World Summit Award can help to build an exclusive knowledge society.


A panel of international experts in the field of using ICT to take action on the UN SDG’s will share their insights and latest developments. And interactive discussion invites the audience to share their thoughts and their own experiences.