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WSA@WSIS Forum 2017


The World Summit Award contributes once more in the 2017 WSIS Forum.


On June 12th, WSA conducted an interactive workshop  under the title Impact on Society through Digital Innovation.


With the digital age our world is becoming more and more connected. Data is the new oil, the fourth industrial revolution is in its starting point and people’s fear to lose their jobs to robots is growing.


On the contrary, the ongoing movement of using ICTs to drive development and empowerment, to reach new communities and to provide low threshold access to information,proves the potential of digital innovation to have a positive impact on society. Young people prove that entrepreneurial and technical skills can be used to make our world more inclusive and educated and to tackle the UN SDGs.


WSA Chairman Prof. Peter A. Bruck states:


" World Summit Award gets a very broad view about rich and creative content from all over the world and narrows the content gap, gender gap, knowledge divide and skills divide.


All social entrepreneurs share the perspective that it is crucial to build the right community, reach users, attract an audience. Technology is not the issue.


Community means a lot of different things, but needs to be built by each new project or enterprise."


The World Summit Award provides a platform for such start-ups, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments, private sector and academia to exchange best practice solutions in IT applications from all over the world.


In this workshop, WSA presented young inspiring and useful solutions developed by young entrepreneurs, three of the WSA Youth Ambassadors, from all around the world, tackling the UN SDGs, and showcased how a global initiative like the World Summit Award can help to build an exclusive knowledge society:


Sharmishta Sivaramakrishnan is the UN Youth Representative for Caring for Cambodia and a current Master in Development Studies candidate at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. She presented the project CARING FOR CAMBODIA and stated:


"We focussed on schools in Cambodia – be it through “Food for Thoughts”, where we taught the kids how to grow their own food and about healthy nutrition or biology labs.


We changed perspectives and focussed on education involving the pupils and their families.We grew our community and network through individual networks  like friends and families, worked at universities and experienced a real multiplier effect."


Jon Mark Walls leads the overall GovFaces project, particularly working with international organizations, potential investors, and strategic partners of GovFaces. Jon Mark pointed out:


"The value is not in the technology, but in the people participating. If you don´t have the right community and network, your technology is useless."


Sanny Gaddafi, WSA Youth Ambassador, Jury member and WSA Winner from 2016 states:


"We at 8villages partnered with different government entities, e.g. the ministry of information. They brought broadband community and access to the internet to the rural area, but there was almost no local content. LISA involved the farmers and demonstrated them how valuable technology and access to information can be for them and their businesses."


Jordi Serrano Pons, WSA Speaker and Jury member, presened his winning project from WSA 2014:


"Our challenge at Universal Doctor was to convince the doctors that communication is an issue. The resources and technology was there, but to make sure that the right people used them was tough. We have to make sure that in a world where information as easy accessible we focus on the right tools and how we use them."