Social benefit, sustainable impact, global diversity and digital innovation were the core themes of the WSA Global Congress 2019 - and the Global Champions. The 3 day congress showed how concern and distress give rise to innovative solutions, and how need can foster invention and sustainable design. The Nova SBE campus became a hub for unique knowledge exchange with 400 participants and outstanding international best practices of digital innovation with impact on society and mentors for 3 days.


Based on the UN goals for a true information society (UN WSIS) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), 82 international jurors selected the 9 WSA Global Champions from Kenya to Pakistan, based on their presentation at the Congress and their social and local impact from the 45 WSA winner projects – with Africa making a strong showcase of innovation.





  • The winner in the Government & Citizen Engagement category was Chaos AI from Finland, an innovative team providing a multi-stakeholder decision tool for estate planning based on AI – making estates focused on the inhabitants and environmental protection.
  • Irelands Complete Anatomy was selected Global Champion in the category Health & Well-Being. The international jury states: “Most innovative. Using VR to enable medical students to learn the human body structures saves time and valuable resources.”
  • “Pakistani girls have few alternatives in getting this information. Getting female health information from a trusted source is crucial all over the world to reduce female and child mortality and empower women.” a Jury member pointed out, as to why Global Learning & Education champion AI chatbot Raaji from Pakistan was awarded.
  • Multi-facet digital platform Kuza One from Kenya educates small-holder farmers in Africa concerning environmental Agriculture and Entrepreneurship and was selected by the Jury for Environment & Green Energy: “It could be a winner in education. Could be a winner in many categories. It is a real winner.”
  • AFROCOMIX from Ghana won the Championship for Culture & Tourism, benefitting the lives of multiple creators of African Culture with a monetization platform, “… telling African Stories – and these stories need to be told to present African heroes”, the Jury states.
  • Business & Commerce solution Sokowatch from Kenya was a favourite among the winners because it works on so many levels for “…providing small retailers with services and an affordable credit line, closing the gap of last mile delivery and supporting small entities.”
  • From Japan, Wheelog convinced with empowering wheelchair users in the Smart settlements & Urbanization category. The Jury concludes: “Creative, innovative and addressing a pressing problem. Creates sense of inclusiveness. Can scale globally.”
  • Enablement through digital solutions also made the Championship in the Inclusion & Empowerment category: “Feelif from Slovenia is a tablet for blind people. It is much more affordable than any given alternative hardware, providing access to internet for blind people.”
  • The highly competent team behind WSA Young Innovators Global Champions LEAF from the USA proved that fintech can serve the most vulnerable of all, refugees and the stateless, who are provided with a block chain technology to preserve and transfer their money through digital currency – across borders.


Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Award Board of Directors: "The 9 Global Champions show just a small portion of what social innovation can do around the world with digital, content-based solutions. Thanks to the City of Cascais, we have brought this Austrian initiative to Portugal for the first time and opened a showcase for products from all member states of the United Nations that make a difference. WSA and the Global Champions selected here in Cascais show that innovation comes primarily not from the pursuit of profit and quick money, but from commitment to avoid suffering and alleviate need. This results in sustainable positive transformations of our society. "


The outstanding digital innovations were honoured at the festive Gala ceremony on March 13th.


Guest of honour H.E. Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education states: WSA presents a display of impressive digital projects from around the world embraced by entrepreneurs and aiming at improving the quality of our society while solving real life problems. More than 400 participants from 120 countries met in Portugal at this 2019 World Summit, turning Cascais into a global hub for start-ups.”