5 Social Impact Solutions your friends should know about

Life is better with friends. WSA winners know that, WSA knows that, and most certainly you know that.


On this years friendship day, we would like to introduce you to five projects from last year’s WSA winners that your friends should definitely know about.


SPOILER ALERT: This article might extend your mindset severely.


1. Supercívicos

Is your friend the active citizen? Is your friend always proclaiming that they would like to be more aware of what is happening around? Well, here is the perfect app for them!


Supercívicos is a citizen journalism video app crowdsourcing data about public infrastructure and services in Latin American cities. The users generate and classify geo-localized video reports. All of these can be upvoted via the Supercívicos FB page, enabling citizens to promote civil and human rights, while serving as a link to the authorities.


2. Afrocomix

So, you have this friend crazy about culture and art? Maybe also passionate to support African culture? Then you must let them know about Afrocomix!


Afrocomix is a content hub for creative work made by Africans on the continent, providing a one-stop shop for people everywhere who love African art.

Addressing fragmentation in African creative industries, Afrocomix  gives content creators a platform to display their work with a simple upload, including comics, graphic novels, animation and wallpapers, while making sure that there is appropriate monetization options for the artists.



3. GameLabEducation

Addicted to games that actually have a further meaning? The combination of learning and fun sounds terrific? So, this is the perfect digital solution for you and for all your friends.


GameLab Education is working with AI to generate a new way of business teaching in the twenty-first century. With simulations in seven different fields, GameLab Education offers everyone access to management skills, making the learning process effective and even entertaining and fun.



4. waytoB

“Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists; it is creating a new space, a better space for everyone”, George Dei. If this goes along with your friends and your attitude, you must know this app.


waytoB helps people with intellectual disabilities navigate streets independently while providing peace of mind to the loved ones.

How? It gives users turn-by-turn directions on their smartwatch or smartphone. The instructions are based on real-time location and orientation data, making the navigating experience as easy and stress-free as possible.


5. Smartify CIC

So, you may also have a friend that just doesn’t get museums and art? Who maybe thinks museums are boring and old school? Well, it is a must then to introduce them to Smartify.


Smartify CIC is a free mobile app for tech savvy audiences using image recognition technology to instantly identify artworks scanned onto smartphones. The app provides engaging text, audio and video information through Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. You could call it your Shazam for art.



P.S. Happy friendship day to you all! Stay tuned with WSA for more exciting solutions!