5 Social enterprises – WSA Winners – you should know about

Today is #SocialEnterpriseDay  - celebrating and honoring companies, organizations and institutions, that work for the welfare of people and to improve their lives and environment - in short, creating real impact worldwide.


To celebrate and honor those outstanding enterprises, we want to share with you  5 WSA 2018 Winners - Social Enterprises - that you should know about.

1. Clickmedix

WSA Winner 2018

Health & Well Being


ClickMedix provides a configurable mHealth platform that enables health organizations to rapidly deploy customized mobile health programs to serve 10 times more patients while lowering costs. Health organizations can configure the mobile app to enable the patient, or via health workers, to assess health issues via customizable triage algorithms, show education content, suggest treatment options, and if needed, show doctors’ availability for telemedicine consultation or an in-person clinic visit, or sending sms/app reminders.



2. WheeLog!

WSA Winner 2018

Smart Settlements & Urbanization

WheeLog! is the only interactive real-time map for wheelchair users, making up about 5 to 15% of the total world population. By displaying the TrackLog data of actual wheelchair users on the map, this tool enables wheelchair users and their families to improve their mobility in cities. With the smart phone GPS function, wheelchair users can record places visited and trace the routes retrospectively on WheeLog!. The accumulated TrackLog data provides advance route recommendations with less barriers for wheelchair users.




WSA Winner 2018

Learning & Education

RAAJI is a chatbot app infused with both Artificial Intelligence and human expertise that answers questions on sex, hygiene and reproductive health for girls and women from developing countries. The issues addressed by RAAJI are common for all women in both rural and urban settings. Human experts, psychologists, lawyers and doctors are alerted the moment AI detects an emergency, allowing them to take over the conversation. With sex and reproductive health considered a taboo in households everywhere, RAAJI has the potential for positive impact globally.



4. Smartify CIC

WSA Winner 2018

Culture & Tourism

Smartify CIC is a free mobile app for tech savvy audiences using image recognition technology to instantly identify artworks scanned onto smartphones. The app provides engaging text, audio and video information through Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Smartify CIC users can follow their curiosity on a museum visit while saving favourites in a personal art collection. Museums benefit from a seamless customer journey, breaking down rigid data silos across institutions and engaging some 500,000 users worldwide.



5. Citibeats

WSA Winner 2018

Government & Citizen Engagement

Citibeats offers solutions for smart cities, mobility, tourism and insurance. Citibeats uses an AI-based Analytics Platform to identify social trends and human concerns. It discovers, categorizes and synthesizes peoples’ opinions from large quantities of data, offering qualitative information and insights into public sentiments. The proprietary machine-learning algorithms transform a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence enabling decision-makers to be more responsive to society.