The power lies in the community!

In this new WSA Podcast, the WSA community is sharing their insights and experience, their stories and their passion.
Bringing together the best social entrepreneurs, changemakers and international experts from all across - hacking the gap !


WSA Podcast is powered by NAVE InnovaRock in partnership with WSA. Interviews by Carolina Rossi, WSA National Expert Chile.



Episode 1: Henry Dobson, Founding Director - The Institute of Technological Ethics



In this interview the Australian philosopher and specialist in ethics & technology, Henry Dobson speaks about his concern of the power and influence of technology in the XXI Century and gives his vision on what the future holds for humanity in times of data, Internet and algorithms.


Episode 2: Mathias Haas, CEO SuperSocial


Mathias Haas surpised us with his professional capacity of becoming a social entrepreneur and outstanding storyteller by allowing himself to explore the world and learn from different cultures. He has helped hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Europe to achieve new iniatiatives and believe in themselves with the tools of storytelling and self-empowerment. In this interview he speaks about his time at Red Bull Austria, his business as founder and CEO of SuperSocial (Marketing and Impact Agency) and how he became much more than a profesional moderator and TedX curator: a truly off-beaten-track traveller, a global citizen and social media expert.



Episode 3: John Jin Soo Kim, COO Give. Asia



John serves as the Chief of Staff at, a crowdfunding start-up for social causes. In this interview he tells his journey on how he has helped grow to become the largest medical crowdfunding platform in Singapore as well as his personal career as an asian/american professional who is leading global business, as Asian that has grown to raise over $50M for social enterprises and non-profits.



Episode 4: Damjan Damnjanovic & Ivana Kostic. Health TechLab



From Serbia to the world: In this interview Dr. Ivana Kostić (a physiologist with PhD in Bioengineering Systems), together with her co-founder Damjan Damnjanovic (expert in direct marketing with a Master degree in State Management and Humanitarian Affairs and ex President of Serbian patient Association), talk about how they came together to build Health Tech Lab (HTL) in the city of Belgrade. A story of how technology can unite and become a huge catalyzer in one of the most needed industries in history: Health.



Episode 5: Niki Ernst, "The Business-therapist"



Niki Ernst, originally from Austria opens himself to talk about his history on how he became “The-Business-Therapist”, helping top leaders of companies in the world understand (and shape) the future of their industry. He also talks about his life in San Francisco and how he has founded the "Global Inspiration Tours" that run in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. As a former TEDxAmbassador and coach, he also gives some tips that could make a difference in your career as a global social entrepreneur.



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