Hall of Fame

Behind every winning project in WSA, there are outstanding social entrepreneurs and inspired minds, that are ready to think out of the box. WSA sets a strong focus on the people behind the digital innovation and is proud to offer a special stage for the success of this amazing innovators.






Sachi Wickramage

Serial Entrepreneur



Sachis passion for technology began at the age of 15 when he developed his first desktop application, an encrypting tool, simply from self-learning.

Mathias Haas

Founder and CEO



Mathias Haas lives for his passion: travelling, social media, learning about new cultures, and adventures.


Rahat Hossain

Social Entrepreneur


Rahat Hossain has been devoted to serving his community since early on, volunteering in several organizations during his education.

Emily Schuler

Research Assistant

Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq)


Emily's main focus is to understand the demand of human beings in order to promote better Technologies for the inclusion of all.

Agbor Ashumanyi Ako

Co-founder and Medical Director



Co-founder and Medical Director of GiftedMom. With mission to use low-cost technologies to save lives. Awarded by The French President and Malian President with the Digital Africa Awards.

Eileen Knowles

Sustainability Consultant

Columbia University in the City of New York


Eileen's career has revolved around helping future leaders develop their own understanding and capacity to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems.


Sebastián Bustamante

co-Founder Verdé / Entrepreneurship Consultant



Sebastián has over 14 years of experience in private, educational, social and entrepreneurial sectors.

Abbas Adel

Technical Project Owner

smava GmbH


Abbas Adel is a social entrepreneur from Egypt who is involved in various digital initiatives that evolved around the Arab Spring.


Amr Sobhy


PushBots, Inc.


A multi­disciplinary innovator and award winning Egyptian information activist, entrepreneur and author­.


Sébastien Bourdu

Web developer and UX designer



Sébastien thinks that his generation could eradicate poverty and design a system that could make us live in a world of abundance.


Carina Schmid

CEO / Co-Founder

The Global Experience / Easy Languages


A trip to Namibia eventually changed Carina's life and made her become passionate about creating opportunities for young people to gain intercultural experiences offline, as well as online.

Moses Acquah

Founder / Brainchild



Professional in the Tech industry and the African startup ecosystem. He is a technology business leader, an agile coach and an innovation specialist.

Karla Ruiz Cofino




Karla is on a mission to harness this global pool of knowledge to positively impact our world. She equips people with the digital skills and knowledge they need to become active contributors to online communities.

Maninder Bajwa

CEO & Founder



Maninder Singh, is a first generation entrepreneur, building IT products and services in the Education Sector. After completing his Software Engineering, he floated his EdTech company, Espranza Innovations, at the age of 23.

Jithin Krishnan



Jithin was trained as a journalist, after that he followed a shift to social space, where he spent 2 years, and his last step before striking out on his own, came in the innovation and marketing space.

Shaik Khasim Shareef

Founder & Chairman


Shaik Khasim believes that "It is our minimum responsibility to support our society and not more than that".

Nathan Masyuko

Head of Games and Co-founder



Through every phase of his career, Nathan’s goal has been to unite the youth, both male and female, regardless of their social divides, through gaming in the way that sports does.

Bikramjit Singh



Malaysia & Australia

"Not only do we want to make a lasting change", says Bikramjit,"we are passionate about building a business we can transfer to the future generations"

Elma Hot

Founder and CEO


Founder and CEO of technology Start-up Studies Data science and is a researcher at TU Wien.

Dan Buckingham

General Manager of The Attitude Group

Attitude Group

New Zealand

Dan is a Paralympic Gold medalist in wheelchair rugby.


Vintagesam Okoroafor

Business Development Executive

Savvy Instant Offices


Passionate about business, Vintagesam underwent trainings and attended numerous workshops to hone his skills in other to help entrepreneurs sustain their startups.

Rohayl Varind


Times of Youth & Share To Aware


Mohammad Rohayl Varind is an International Award Winning Social Entrepreneur, Innovator & Educationist. He is the founder of Pakistan first solar night school & Pakistan's first solar school bags. Rohayl is the CEO of Times of Youth & Share To Aware.


Ghadeer Abu Shaban




Ghadeer is a TechWomen Emerging Leader and Fellow for the year of 2016, she is also volunteering with ArabWIC (Arab Women in Computing) as Palestine Chapter's Vice President.

Ana Pantelić

Director of Business and Partnership Development

Fundación Capital

Serbia / Colombia

A published author, amateur photographer and traveler, Ana seeks to leverage all of her personal, professional and academic interests in order to improve her work and make a difference in the lives of others.

Nadav Ossendryver


Latest Sightings Pty Ltd

South Africa

Ossendryver’s goal is to expand worldwide and make the data he collects more readily available to various research projects, conservation efforts and academic institutions.

Mohmoud Elbadwi

Executive Director

WisdomBox FZ LLE


Founder and Executive Director of WisdomBox FZ LLE and the Visionary and Innovation Architect at oPerception. Graduated from University of Khartoum as a Software Engineer with First-class honors degree.

Gloria Mangi

Founder and President

African Queens Project


Gloria’s experience in Tanzania started in 2010 when she produced and directed a successful TV talk show that dealt with social issues in Tanzania and revolutionized the Tanzanian mainstream media.

Jennifer Farrell



United States of America

Jennifer work with amazing volunteer first responders and building innovative tech solutions for improving access to emergency services and healthcare.