Andy Favell

United Kingdom
  • Position: Freelance consultant, web editor, journalist
  • Organisation: mCordis
  • Country: United Kingdom

Andy Favell is a London-based freelance mobile/digital consultant, web editor and journalist. He is currently employed (part-time) as the director of content and market intelligence for mCordis, a mobile strategy and education company. Andy built his expertise in mobile and digital strategy as the editor of mobiThinking, which under his six-year tenure grew to become the go-to resource for mobile marketing/web best practice and case studies; and a one-stop-shop for statistics, research and analysis. With a broad wealth of industry knowledge, years of web production/promotion experience, and the critical eye and no-nonsense approach of a seasoned business and technology journalist, Andy brings valuable independent insight to every mobile, digital or content strategy project. He passionately believes that mobile technologies are the catalyst to bridging the digital divide in the developing world, bringing improvements to health, education and financial inclusion.