Carlos Carreiras

  • Position: Mayor
  • Organisation: City of Cascais
  • Country: Portugal
  • Quote:

    Cascais extends a warm welcome to all WSA participants. For more than six centuries we have been one of the most innovative areas of the country. Maybe it’s because we have people from all over the world on our borders. Cascais was the first place in the country to have street lighting. The first oceanographic expeditions set sail from Cascais. Cascais hosted that the country’s first football match and its first tennis match. We love to innovate. It’s in our blood. We are leading the soft mobility revolution in Portugal. We were pioneers in introducing environmentally sustainable solutions in household waste management. We are paving the way for social housing reform and we are in the front line in including technology in people’s social lives and harmonising automation and humanity, utility and purpose. Because, at the end of the day, there is no point in innovating if the development of people and society is not our priority. As you will soon realise, everything starts with people in Cascais.