Leonore Gewessler

  • Position: Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
  • Organisation: The Austrian Federal Government
  • Country: Austria
  • Quote:

    We live in an ever-more digitalized and connected world with automated devices and algorithms influencing our daily lives in one way or another. This development is set to continue - whether we like it or not - but it is for us to decide how we shape it. Young inspiring innovators participating in the World Summit Awards teach us that digitalization can contribute to a more sustainable future; that it is possible to turn the digital revolution we are facing into climate action. They show us that digital transformation can be shaped to ensure it supports transitions towards more sustainable societies and towards taking climate action.


    What it takes is inventiveness and courage to walk off the beaten track. Qualities also decision makers sometimes need to be reminded of. I would like to thank the winners of the World Summit Awards for this reminder – for showing us that digitalization offers countless opportunities to help solving the challenges of the 21st century, if we take the right steps – now.