Manuel Heitor

  • Position:
  • Organisation: Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education
  • Country: Portugal
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    The World Summit Award Congress Cascais 2019 is the recognition of the important role digital innovation plays in creating sustainable social change and impact world-wide. This event is taking place in the new campus of NOVASBE (School of Business and Economics of the NOVA University of Lisbon). The tremendous challenge that the digital revolution presents to mankind asks for definite answers from governments and societies. The Portuguese government has created a long term initiative called INCODe.2030 that aims at fostering inclusion, education, qualification, specialisation and research. This initiative is being carried out with contributions from several government departments, private companies, local authorities, and the scientific and technological ecosystem in Portugal. We welcome all contributions from the society as a whole, at national and international level. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I welcome the WSA World Congress to be held among us. It is critical that the whole population has equal access to digital technologies in order to obtain information, communicate and interact. The younger population must be educated in a way that digital skills are present at every level of schooling and continue to be part of a lifelong learning. An entrepreneurial spirit is also a fundamental requirement to strive in a digital world. Digital skills must also be progressively acquired by the working population in order to remain competitive in a labour market that relies heavily on them. WSA presents a display of impressive digital projects from around the world embraced by entrepreneurs and aiming at improving the quality of our society while solving real life problems. More that 400 participants from 80 countries are expected to meet in Portugal at this 2019 World Summit, turning Cascais into a global hub for start-ups and content developers on the subject of "Social Impact through Digital Innovation". I hope this event can live up to its high standards giving a relevant contribution for a better society in the future to come.