Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz

  • Position: Professor
  • Organisation: Warsaw University of Technology
  • Country: Poland

Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz,, is a professor of computer and information science at the Institute of Computer Science (Warsaw University of Technology) and at the Institute of Information Science and Book Studies (Warsaw University), and a President and co-founder of the Institute for Computer Information and Engineering. His main research has been focused on network information systems, knowledge representation and management, artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery; he is also interested in matters of network society and relationships between technology and culture. He has to his record over 100 publications that have been published or presented in international journals and/or conference proceedings, and 3 books.

Prof. M. Muraszkiewicz has been a leader or member of over 50 information and communications technology projects for UNIDO, FAO, UNEP, UNESCO, World Bank, and for Austrian, Dutch, German, Polish, and Swedish companies and organizations in the field of telecommunications, business, industry, management, administration, education, culture, and librarianship, taking place in 45 countries. He is Vice President of the MOST Programme (Mobile Open Society through wireless Technology), (, Chairman of the Polish e-Mobility Platform and board member of the European e-Mobility Platform.