Nawel Guellal

  • Position: Founder & General Manager
  • Organisation: HDN Algeria (Human Development Network – Algeria)
  • Country: Serbia

Graduated from the International Institute of Management in International Marketing in 2003, hold a Master degree from the International University of Venice and Universittà Cattolica of Milan in Entrepreneurship of Euromed Relations in 2008; Nawel Guellal started working in diplomatic relations with successively the embassies of the United States and Great Britain as an assistant to the heads of diplomatic missions and then at the Delegation of the European Commission in Algiers where she held the positions of assistant to the head of Delegation and then, assistant to the head of cooperation, where she was in charge during 3 years with several development projects between Algeria and the European Union.

Passionate about the German culture, she worked as a cultural projects manager within the Goethe-Institut in Algiers and finally landed at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 2010 where she had successively the positions of Programme Manager and then Programme and Communication Manager.

Founder of the Algerian Forum for the Promotion of Active Citizenship – AFPAC, Nawel Guellal is very active in the associative environment and work to help the Algerian youth to recognize their role as citizens and thus be actively engaged in building a healthy society with values of justice, democracy and solidarity.

She also contributes to an American platform: Search for Common Grounds – SFCG, by writing articles on various issues in Algeria. She also writes articles and animate webinars on personal development.

Her engagement for the recognition of a genuine Algerian Cultural Policy started by joining the team of GTPCA-Groupe de Travail sur la Politique Culturelle en Algérie in early 2012; where she had the responsibilities to manage the administrative issues, the different meetings and most of the workshops realised with the support of El Mawreed Ethakafy.