Josef Umdasch Research Prize



This was the Prize 2018



Due to the 150-year anniversary of the Umdasch Group all three subsidiaries of the company called for ideas in 2018. The winners were announced during the World Summit Award Congress in Vienna. All four winners are currently working together with the companies on the realisation of the awarded ideas.




The Winners & Projects 2018



umdasch The Store Makers

Category: Business & Commerce

Jingle (Austria) develops a personal shopping-assistant based on chatbot-technology.


Current Status | The participation in the Austrian start-up Jingle by umdasch The Store Makers has already taken place. By providing resources and an extensive network, the digital shopping assistant will now together be developed further.


Lukas Binder (25) | Co-Founder of Jingle
The prize was an unforgettable event and a milestone for Jingle’s future.





Category: Learning & Education

Based on gamification Polycular (Austria) describes a learning journey, that enables to better convey and absorb knowledge and content.


Current Status | Doka and Polycular are already working on a learning journey for executives based on an app application. After a joint design-thinking workshop, the developing phase has now been started.


Robert Praxmarer (41) | Founder of Polycular
The Prize was a great chance for us to show how education can be thought differently.




Umdasch Group Ventures

Category: Smart Settlement & Urbanization

Kewazo (Germany) revolutionizes the scaffolding-industry by using robots.


Current Status | Umdasch Group Ventures is currently supporting the development of the prototype by bringing in know-how and resources. In future, also a partnership is considered.


Ekaterina Grib (28) | Co-Founder of Kewazo
It was a great opportunity to present our idea to a global player of the construction sector.




Special Prize: Umdasch Group Foundation | Focus: Smart Settlement & Urbanization

The social start-up Eco Cell Industries (Nepal) follows the idea of earthquake-resistant housing by interlocking bricks, mainly consisting of locally available material.


Current Status | Umdasch Group Ventures plans to support EcoCell (Nepal) to build up a global distribution network and to further optimise the technologies. Besides, Umdasch Group Foundation is looking at a social project together with Eco Cell Industries, which focuses on the reconstruction of a school in Nepal.


Nishan Shrestha (28) | Co-Founder of Eco Cell
To be spontaneously awarded with a special prize is the greatest appreciation to me and my work. This prize shows me that I am on the right path with my idea.



Impressions from the pitch presentations 2018


Umdasch Group Ventures |  Smart Settlement & Urbanization



Doka  | Learning & Education



umdasch The Store Makers | Business & Commerce



The Josef Umdasch Research Prize


Since 1990 the Umdasch Group has been supporting outstanding achievements in research and development through the Josef Umdasch Research Prize. The award is named for Josef Umdasch, the father of the company’s present owners Hilde Umdasch and Alfred Umdasch, who initiated the prize. Today the prize forms an important part of the Umdasch Group Foundation, an initiative of the Umdasch Group. It’s aim ist to encourage the personal development of young people and to support initiatives which focus on the topics of education and knowledge transfer worldwide.