Challenge:Youth (C:Y), a Global Youth Think-DO-Tank, engages, fosters and supports young local talents in creating collective environmental, social and economic initiatives, helping them become the global citizens of tomorrow. With an international online youth community of over 35,000 members from 242 countries and 1,802 schools across world, C:Y is impacting thousands of lives every second. C:Y works to fuel change makers learn sustainable development, igniting young minds to generate innovative ideas for solving pressing global issues via web-based competitions. Supported by the online platform Challenge:Future, C:Y came to life through C:F’s global online competitions started in 2009. C:Y now has multiple youth-driven international projects, bringing highly competitive tangible impacts through global connections, coupled with the world-class training of young leaders. Challenge:Youth is a youth-led global network, enabling young people from different corners of the world to join forces and come up with solutions through global partnerships, led by the motto: “Invent Tomorrow, Impact Today”.

“C:Y is committed to drive youth ideas and innovation with global impact through a highly interactive web-based global community. For the world, C:Y is an opportunity to invest into development of minds and hearts of future generations and prepare the change-makers of tomorrow for the challenge of transitioning towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.” (Bistra Kumbaroska)