• Year: 2012
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Culture & Tourism
  • Producer: Harpoen Pte Ltd & PT Kreasi Daya Luhur
  • Country: Indonesia

When we were kids, we loved drawing on walls and writing on schools desks; we carved our names into trees and park benches, and expressed our identity and presence everywhere we went. We have a deep urge to leave our mark. Harpoen is a free ‘digital graffiti’ application that is made in Indonesia and Makes Places Talk. Leave your mark and begin a discussion with the future. Discover a mark, and places tell you a story of who came and what happened before you. Like physical graffiti, messages are only visible to others nearby. Content can be tailored to individual tastes with powerful yet easy-to-use customized search features; simply input a keyword, or add a username, and Harpoen will return the closest match to you. Harpoen will also push-alert-you when you are around new messages that either match your saved interests, or have been left by your friends. Harpoen partners with artists, photographers, musicians, local governments, and others with great location-specific content, and has developed a suite of web and mobile management tools. Harpoen is unique because it is non-instantaneous. It is not uncommon to discover Harps from several weeks or months past in areas both new and familiar. We believe that having a shared location is the ultimate context for interactions. We experience serendipity while using Harpoen, as we either run into marks left by others, or others run into and comment on marks left by us.