• Year: 2014
  • Award: World Summit Youth Award
  • Category: Power 2 Women!
  • Producer: Maryam Ansari
  • Country: Iran

Ladybug is an Iranian start-up for a new generation of women enthusiastic about and active in different technological fields. Partnering with well-known websites and blogs, the project encourages women to enter the IT world. Ladybug has a young team of managers all under thirty living in Iran. In only 12 months, like-minded partners came together and invested in video-making, promotional photos and the overall design, leading Ladybug to successfully catch the attention of the public.

Being online and enjoying exceptional publicity, Ladybug aims to reach a wide female audience and to become easily replicable, by assisting women to develop skills in IT whether using smartphones or programming on computers. With short-term and long-term goals, the executive team targets particular groups of Persian-speaking women in Iran with campaigns and advertising, as well as online and offline training. Combining role-modelling, mentoring and skill development, Ladybug uses professional women in IT to train and guide its members, while empowering them in their professional, financial and managing ambitions. Members of the Ladybug Club benefit from online courses covering general and professional topics. The initial success of the project has attracted many volunteers and a strong professional network by promoting female IT pioneers. In the long-term, members will be able to create their own start-ups or enter tech companies thanks to the Ladybug women’s network.