04 Quality Education

Scinexx looks like a simple magazine-style website for the interested public, but at closer look, is an amazing conglomerate of first-rate content. As an internet magazine for popular science, Scinexx provides extensive and up-to-date insights into the world of scientific discoveries and trends, backed by the prestigious Springer publishing house specializing in science magazines and books. Clear, understandable, and competent, Scinexx provides daily news, as well as weekly in-depth dossiers that provide background information looking beyond the boundaries of individual fields or subject areas. Each of the 500+ dossiers consists of a series of articles augmented by slide-shows, quizzes, interactive modules, image galleries, as well as TV- and book-tips. Current events are featured in the section “Earthview”: an interactive globe with clickable icons shows significant events happening in the world over recent days. Events of greater impact are covered by special portals, where all information can be accessed at a glance. The name “Scinexx” draws on the words “science” and “connection”, emphasizing the direct link between research and the inquisitive public. Scinexx stands out with its clear “no-thrill” looks, well-structured navigation and is provided for free
without advertising.