TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform

09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

The TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform integrates data from various public & private sources, collects proprietary data, conducts social data mining and integrates with several industry stakeholders in an automated way. The platform then processes the data and renders meaningful insights based on artificial intelligence and machine learning based big data technology for the national & local tourism organizations, travel management companies, destination management companies, hoteliers, airlines and other travel related companies.


The real time statistics and insights help organizations in informed decision making, proactive planning and taking proactive actions. The platform aggregates & maintains the following: Global Country Profiles, Travel Industry Reports, Destination Analytics, Tourist reports, Top Destination & Attractions Insights, Social Media Tracking, Real Time Twitter Data Mining and Historical Analytics, Global News & Events Tracking, Airfare predictions and Historical Data Mining and more...