Youth for Empowerment Forum

  • Year: 2012
  • Award: World Summit Youth Award
  • Category: Power 2 Women!
  • Producer: Renato Martins Dornelas
  • Country: Brazil

The Youth for Empowerment Forum is part of the broader initiative of React and Change (R&C). R&C is the first Brazilian youth-led and online-driven platform of youth activism committed to activating youth to end gender inequality. It is a network reaching more than 3000 young people in Brazil through the pure desire of standing up for gender equality in the country. This initiative is dedicated to mobilize the Brazilian youth and reinforce its projects and community. We have just launched the Youth for Empowerment Campaign: A sequence of frequent forums that will take place in all regions of Brazil enabling different young people, from distinct economic backgrounds and cultures to advocate for an advance in terms of social balance. R&C engages, inspires and connects young Brazilians through the urban arts, technologies and social entrepreneurship.

Project cancelled