Health & Wellbeing

Medical care | Sport | Lifestyle

Health & Well Being solutions may address for example:

  • Meeting healthcare needs of citizens and patients with innovative content applications
  • Reduce maternal mortality ratio & preventable deaths of new-borns and children
  • Prevention & reduction of epidemics like AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis or substance abuse
  • Supporting healthcare professionals, as well as the broader public, policy makers and healthcare providers with easy data access and communication tools & diagnosing with technical solutions & content
  • Supporting research and development of vaccines and medicines, health financing and recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce
  • Enable information on healthcare, nutrition, medication, disease & well-being by smart solutions
  •  Solutions to learn health & well-being by improving and enhancing healthy behaviour, nutrition, hygiene, sports
  • Content rich solutions to enjoy and facilitate sports, music, entertainment, style & fashion
  • Utilizing ICTs for hobbies, free-time activities and sports

The above descriptions are suggestions & guidelines, not restrictions.