In cooperation with several academic partners, WSA conducts the international entrepreneurship program for students - Youth for Innovation (YFI).


WSA YFI brings together students from multiple European Universities to collaboratively analyse purpose-driven enterprises from across the world which use digital solutions to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


YFI ENABLES students to:

  • Apply their skills and knowledge on real ventures
  • Analyse, consult and exchange with purpose-driven enterprises worldwide
  • Collaborate internationally and interdisciplinary
  • Gain intercultural competences
  • Pitch their work in front of an international jury
  • Grow an international network
  • Gain ECTS credits as part of their curriculum (depending on university)

YFI PROVIDES purpose-driven enterprises with the OPPORTUNITY to:

  • Receive case studies and in-depth evaluations from international students
  • Create their own challenges and focus points for students to work on




WSA YFI consists of 2 PHASES, an ONLINE and ONSITE PHASE, providing participating students with the opportunity to work on two different case studies.


Students can enter both or only one program phase.


Find more detailed information about the YFI program here.